This Year's X Factor Winner! Aledxandra Burke.

I must admit, I'm happy that Eoghan didn't win and JLS got close(so at least they get a contract with Louis and they're not bound by X Factor terms..) but there is one problem with Alexandra winning.

You see, she's got this big, gorgeous voice and she knows how to use it. Does that description remind you of an X Factor alumnus?

Of course it does.

I'm worried for Alexandra's sake that Simon might turn her into another Leona Lewis. Don't get me wrong, I think Leona's got a gorgeous voice and I think she deserves what she's gotten since she won but do we really need another Leona clone?

Alexandra's different from Leona in the fact that Leona sings ballads and Alexandra sings up-tempos. Although Alexandra can do both, I think to show people that she's not going to be turned into another Leona Simon should emphasize on her uptempos and maybe a few ballads.

Still, congratulations to Alexandra and JLS for making the top two! I expect amazing albums from them next year!


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