The Songs I Used To Listen To Part 3..

Most of the songs I listened to this year were new releases but there were still quite a number of older releases I had just found this year. Let's look back at the songs that used to be on heavy rotation for me earlier this year!

Part 3, already!
  • Billie Piper's album was on heavy rotation this year. I don't remember hearing any of her songs as a kid but the minute I heard the album, I had found amazingness! I love the album, certainly a treasure trove of amazing pop songs from the 90's. Shame she didn't release another album though.
  • Ola Svensson's 2007 release, Good Enough was getting a lot of plays from me as well! Pop at it's best, I LOVE the single, SOS to bits. All It Takes is amazing as well, all the tracks are brilliant!
  • I have no idea how I found them but I love A-List Alliance's three myspace songs, It's The Way, For the First Time and I Do. I think they're Swedish or something like that, but I absolutely adore the songs, I Do is very Elin Lanto-ish with the instrumentals and all and the other two tracks are slower, love them!
  • I absolutely adored Brooke White on Idol so I got my hands on her pre-idol album and I loved it as well! It's got a few covers but my favorite songs on it are In Love, Yellow and Free even though the whole album sounds amazing. I wonder what she's up to at the moment.
  • I got addicted to 5ive's Until The Time Is Through as well at some point of the year. I have absolutely no idea how but I did. I love the song, and it's something maybe BSB would do. It's a slower song(no, not Westlife slow..) and it's probably the most stereotypical boyband song I've ever heard. Even so, I love the song! haha. I'm strange, aren't I?
  • Around the time of my second boyband addiction phase(around april/may..) I discovered a band called Varsity. They actually sound a like like a cross between NLT and Darin. They've got an American meets Swedish sound going on and I'm loving it! I cannot believe I forgot to put Future Love on my countdown! Can I die now? I FORGOT! garrr.
  • After I listened to Samantha Mumba's unreleased second album, I'm Right Here became my favorite. Little did I know that is was the single! garr. Still amazing song from an amazing artist and I absolutely adored her first album, she could've beaten Britney any day! I think.
  • There was one song on Delta Goodrem's Innocent Eyes that I was in love with, Butterfly. It was written by Gary Barlow, Tim Woodcock and Eliot Kennedy and I just love, love, love this song! It's very Delta, I must say and it fits her like a glove. Brilliance, I say.
  • I remember Vanessa Hudgens' second album coming out when school had just started for me(in June..), so I remember loathing it and listening to it quite a lot during that time. You guys know what I think of the album so I won't elaborate on it anymore. haha.
  • I remember hearing about a girl called Kerli as well during the same time(she's on my countdown as well, if you haven't noticed). Her songs were creepy but not, Walking On Air was creepy but Love Is Dead was very rock-y. I loved the chorus of Walking On Air though, amazing stuff.
Don't forget to catch part 4 tomorrow and Part 5 on the 30th! Crap the New Year's so close!


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