# 49: James Morrison - Broken Strings with Nelly Furtado

I've always worshipped the ground James Morrison walks on, mainly because he's such an amazing singer and songwriter.

His melodies are so amazing, and his voice just makes me melt.

I loved his first album, and it was promoted like crazy here. Like every time MTV went to a commercial break, they HAD to have an ad about him, they were giving away like 50 signed copies of his debut album and it was number one in the music stores' sales charts.

Then after that, he just disappeared here.

His second album came out and I just saw it on the new releases rack one day, untouched.

But his first album had so many hidden gems that i just HAD to buy it in case it had just as many amazing songs in it. I wasn't let down though, the album is brilliant.

Broken Strings is just amazing, the way Nelly Furtado's voice mixes with his in an awkward but gorgeous way just makes me want to repeat the song over and over again until my ears can't take anymore.


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