# 25: NLT - Karma

We're getting closer and closer to my favorite song of the year!

Read my initial(and a bit negative) review of the song here.

NLT is one of those acts who had a string of singles earlier this year, but for some strange reason the album never materialized.

I stand by what I said a few months ago that NLT are lacking that extra bit of talent needed to succeed in this industry. They don't know who they are yet so they resort to copying other styles. Yes, the melody of this song is brilliant, but I've heard this all before. It's a standard R&B song without that extra thing that gives me goosebumps.

Even so, we've got to give these guys a chance. The song has potential, even if it does sound like every other song that's been released in their genre. These guys are new, and they're bound to make mistakes at the start but tweak this song a bit, change up the arrangement, alter the melody a bit and I assure you, this song will explode.


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