# 29: The Cheetah Girls - No Place Like Us

I've always liked the Cheetah Girls a bit better than the other Disney musical DCOMS, mainly because they can sing and the songs have substance. That plus the fact that I thought Raven was brilliant when she was still in the 'band'.

So this year, they went for the Indian theme, and I think that the lead single, One World was brilliant. There was another song however that just blew me away.

This song immediately gave me goosebumps when I heard the soundtrack(I'd heard it maybe a month before I actually got to watch the movie..), I just loved the melody and the backing track and the vocals were exceptionally better on this song.

So I adored the song. Then when HSM3 came out, I noticed uncanny similarities between this and Can I Have This Dance? that I couldn't put aside. I mean, the instrumentals were almost identical, the tempos were close and both songs were waltzes. The only difference is that the Cheetah Girls had those powerful vocals that just stand out from the Disney crowd.


  1. I was and always will be more of a 3LW fan than of the ladies Cheetah, but I did really like that song "Fuego". I definitely think their latest album/soundtrack was their most inventive and strongest. That "One World" was incredible. And also, for fans of electro, "Cheetah Love" put the teen pop cheese and smushed it into electro in such an amazing way.

  2. I know! One World was just amazing.

    Hey Mel, what's your google ID? Let's chat! I wanna pick your brains! haha..

  3. I'm sorry I got this so late! Do you mean on Google Talk? I'm not so sure how to work that thing yet, but it should be Miss Melismatic ...

  4. the ID you use to log in.. just the ID, so I can find you on gmail..


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