# 20: Ricki-Lee - Wiggle It

Ricki-Lee most probably started my adoration to Australian music. I remember Poster Girl writing about her cover of Love Is All Around and I got curious, so I got her second album and I was blown away.

This year, she released Wiggle It and despite the strange title, it actually did quite well on the ARIA charts.

Plus, the melody is amazing, it shows just how versatile she can be within the sound she's planted firmly in our heads during her first two albums. It's like an even more dance/R&B-y Can't Touch This, I think. The rap part can be ignored I think, but it's grown on me, and it's actually a nice accent to the song.

Now, let's all take the time to worship her amazing voice.

Seriously, that huge voice has got all the control it needs. Some songs on her second album are a bit slower and softer than what she usually does and she does it beautifully. But, the way she pulls off the big songs are equally amazing, she's got that powerful voice that puts Delta Goodrem to shame(although she's a completely different singer.)


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