This week's top fifteen!

1. Rock - Beyonce
2. The Loving Kind - Girls Aloud
3. Release Me - Agnes Carlsson
4. The Simple Things(Something Emotional) - Vanessa Amorosi
5. Breathe Slow - Alesha Dixon
6. Picking Up The Pieces - Britannia High Soundtrack
7. Like A Miracle - Same Difference
8. Back2U - Jessica Mauboy
9. Work - The Saturdays
10. Insomnia - Craig David
11. You Make It Real - James Morrison
12. Forever and Always - Taylor Swift
13. Said It All - Take That
14. Forever - Chris Brown
15. We Are One - Same Difference

It's all pretty much movement this week, although Beyonce's Halo is replaced by Rock which enters at number one! Vanessa Amorosi also debuts in the top five at number four. Alesha Dixon's vide premier causes Breathe Slow to rise two places and SD's We Are One falls even lower to number fifteen. Like A Miracle is doing better though, rising eight places to number seven this week.

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  1. I love Vanessa Amorosi's song 'The simple things' her album is fantastic. She is by far the best talent in Australia such an amazing voice.


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