# 38: Unnamed Girl Group - When The Stars Go Blue

(credits to Lucy and SFNL for the picture.. haha..)

I'm breaking a rule here, this track hasn't been officially released on any album this year but I just HAVE to put it in. Think of it as promotion for the girls.

Seriously, they don't even have a name yet, but they're BRILLIANT. The song itself sounds like something Louis would pick for a band of his(ballad? yeah..) but the girls deliver it amazingly. It's a cover of a Ryan Adams(correct me if I'm wrong..) song that the Corrs covered with Bono sometime ago.

The vocals were amazing for a live performance, and everyone had a solo(unlike Westlife.. that only happened on one single...) so yay!

Everyone has an equally gorgeous voice, but I don't think they'll be Ireland's answer to Girls Aloud if they're going down the girl group equivalent of Westlife route. Still, it was an amazing performance.

If you wanna watch it, it's streaming on the RTE website.. here.


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