How I ended up here..

12/16/08: I edited it a bit, so read on!

My blogging career has been very strange and filled with a lot of difficulty and stress, but I've learned an awful lot since I started.

Back in 2007, around late September, I started a blog called Pop Addicted! that was sort of my first shot at a typical pop music blog that posted music and the seldom review. For a while it was very little-known, but it slowly gained momentum. By the end of the year, Pop Addicted! was one of the leading music blogs around.

2008 came and Pop Addicted! had continued success. It got bigger, better, and more people were supporting it and visiting it. By about May, the blog was so big that I couldn't take it anymore, so I went private. At the same time, I started Pop Reviews Now.

For a while I was juggling both blogs, but later I focused more on Pop Addicted! and sort of didn't post on this blog. Then when our first year anniversary was drawing near, I left. I had learned a lot though, and I would never have traded my experiences for the world.

The thrill I got before by posting, granting requests and doing everything that a typical mainstream music blog did wasn't there anymore. I wanted to just lay low and give blogging a rest until I was ready to do it again.

I admit, Pop Addicted! was extremely stressful, but for the first 3/4 of it, everything was thrilling. When the thrill died down, I began to notice how stressful it really was.

Pop Reviews Now came into the picture when I still wanted to write and I still loved music, but I didn't want the stress and the long hours I had to put into making Pop Addicted! successful. I just made this a no-frills, straight-out blog. I didn't promote myself anymore, I took out the tag board and I stripped it down to only what I needed.

I didn't want to be noticed because the blog got 30,000 hits a day or something like that, I wanted to kick-start my writing career so I wanted Pop Reviews Now to be noticed because of what I wrote. I wanted people to visit the site because they like my writing style or the music I write about.

Through this I've come to realize that I really do want a career in writing, and I want to make it my life. So I guess this blog has given me a lot to be thankful for.


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