The songs I used to listen to Part 2..

2008 was an amazing year for new releases, but there were still those songs that I have, I listened to but somehow got lost in the endless new music coming out. I stopped listening to them, but they already have a time stamp and when I listen to them, I'll remember exactly what I was doing then.

Part 2, people!
  • Believe it or not, I was actually listening to Madonna's 4 Minutes quite a lot during the summer(our summer here's in April and May..). I liked the melody, a lot and I think that was the only reason why I actually listened to the song. When it got too overplayed here though, I stopped listening to it.
  • I remember a girl called Kaci as well. The song was I Will Learn To Love Again from The Perfect Man(Hilary Duff?) and it was kind of Swedish/German dance mixed with this gorgeous melody. I liked the song, a lot and there was another one, I think it was called Everlasting, I loved the Spanish version of it... haha!
  • Around that time as well, Emma Bunton's second album(correct me if I'm wrong..) Free Me was high on my playlists, I love the 40's/50's/60's feel to it! Maybe, Free Me, You Are and I'll Be There were all amazing songs but my favorite on the album is Tomorrow, amazing chorus, people!
  • I remember finding the intriguing remix of Westlife's Bop Bop Baby and I kinda loved it for maybe a day. It was on the Unbreakable DVD and I remember wondering what the crap that song was because I knew it was BBB but I didn't know which remix it was. Then someone requested for it on Pop Addicted! and I was going, OMG, this is the freakin' remix I'd been looking for!
  • I got addicted to Dreamgirls as well earlier this year, and I loved a lot of the songs, I even got the deluxe edition! haha. Family, You I Do, Dreamgirls, Listen and Steppin' To The Bad Side were my favorites! Amazing stuff..
Watch out for Part 3 tomorrow!


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