# 28: New Kids On The Block - Stare At You

Before this year, I never really knew a lot about NKOTB(other than the fact that Westlife did one of their songs for the medley on their Love Tour..) but I must admit, the songs they came up with this year were strong.

I loved Summertime, I thought it was really fresh and cool and when the album came out, quite a few tracks stood out for me, Stare At You was the one in particular that made me want to listen to what they used to do(I quite like Step By Step, a guilty pleasure!).

The melody just blew me away, and their vocals were quite good actually. It's pretty much another one of your standard R&B mid-tempos, but the execution just makes me adore the song.

I'm kind of liking Single now, especially the parts where they put emphasis on their harmonies(amazing stuff!). Are they making another album?


  1. I loved "Summertime" as well. But their "comeback" was a bit of a joke here in America. As good as they sound on the record, their performance at the American Music Awards was just awful. Like painful awful.

    I didn't hear this song. I'll look into it.

  2. Whoa. I'm one minute into the video and it really was sad. There were parts at the start where they weren't in time! The only songs they can really sing live relatively well are the ones they'd been doing since before they split, which is not good!

  3. So, I'm guessing you've never been to one of their live concerts this year? I'll admit the AMA's wasn't one of their better performances. They had very little time to prepare in between concerts, so for the time allowed, I'll give them a pass. But their concerts have been absolutely amazing. Yes, they can sing live EXTREMELY well. You just haven't caught them in a good moment.

  4. nope, I haven't, because I live on the other side of the world.

    I'll look into some other live performances, but for me the AMA's were not good. haha..


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