# 55: Westlife - Get Away

(Apologies for the crappy picture. While I was looking for a sensible picture I realized that I don't actually have any nice promo shots of the lads, I just have all these paparazzi/fan pictures, professional tour photos and scans from magazine interviews.. strange, huh?)

So this year, even though it's their tenth year, the only official Westlife release eligible to enter the UK charts was Us Against the World, which stopped their tally of consecutive UK top five hits at 23, coming in at number eight.

So I think it's safe to say that it wasn't a very good year for Westlife in terms of chart positions(The Croke Park DVD is number one of the UK charts though, so YAY FOR THEM!), but in terms of new material, there was one amazing new song this year.

Get Away was the b-side of Us Against the World and I absolutely love it. I've said that experimentation should never be done on an album, never mind a single but where I think an artist can just let loose and do whatever he/she wants to do is on a b-side.

Get Away is probably in my top five favorite Westlife b-sides, mainly because it's different but it's not. You know it's Westlife, you can hear it in certain parts but in some parts you just wonder who the hell's singing.

Melody-wise, the song is just gorgeous. It's sort of 40's/50's/60's-ish(I don't know which era it's like in particular, but it's one of the three..) and I love how they're Westlife-fied it, pure genius.


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