# 16: Karina - 16 @ War

Merry Christmas guys! Hope you all get stuffed with good food and even better music! Let's get on with todays songs..

I reviewed her album a few days ago, right after I had written this entry so if you want to read that review, go here.

So 16@War is this R&B mid-tempo, I wouldn't call it standard, there are a lot of elements that separate it from the other song in it's genre. The instrumentation differs, it has this strange instrument that sounds a lot like a synthesizer(maybe it is!) laying the groundwork for the rest of the song. It's cool, actually, it's one of the main reasons why this song just works and why it's exceptional.

The drums as well are kind of a bit different from what I usually hear on tracks liks this, it sounds like a drum you'd use in a marching band. The timbre, I think of the instrument makes the song sound heavy but light. Plus the fact that it's not processed.

Melodically it's quite unusual as well. Not sure if it's more on the melody or the phrasing, but the way this song is sung is edgy, young and I bet you JoJo can't sing a song like this(but she's a completely different artist..). This kind of proves that her voice is smooth, but it can be egdy as well. It's an amazing combination.


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