So why wasn't this on the album?

This is one of the most brilliant Beyonce songs I've ever heard, right next to Baby Boy, Listen, Ring The Alarm and Halo so why didn't it make the final album?

Melodically, the song is brilliant. Shame I didn't hear it earlier, I would've broken a rule on my countdown just to put it in!

It starts with a simple piano hook and a beat then once the vocals come in, the melody just unfolds itself. The first chorus has the potential to get huge, but surprisingly, it doesn't get as big as I expect it to become later in the track.

I still can't stand why a song as gorgeous as this was just shunned from the final album. I might think later, after I've listened to it more that it's better than Halo, because that's how it's looking up to be.

EDIT: I've listened to it a few more times and I've come to a conclusion, Rock is MUCH better than Halo, done deal.
(The video isn't mine, I just got it off a YouTube search..)


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