Queensberry - No Smoke

I like these girls, they have character and lots of kick. Not in the Monrose way, I think they're more R&B, these girls are pop all the way but they're different.

I said during one of my new music posts that the idea of releasing three different albums with three different girls as the fourth member of the band was genius. Not only will they sell thrice as much, the band will really have three albums on the charts at the same time. Can it get any better? Yes, it can!

The album is actually good! I've heard maybe half of it but what I heard was strong!

Yes it's a cover but the mere fact that they chose this one over all the possible ballads or generic songs is a plus for me. I mean, if you're gonna launch a new reality show-winning girl band, better do it the Girls Aloud way, unconventional with lots of kick. It worked for GA so why not?

But you see, I don't think they're anything like GA music-wise.

They're going for the 40's/50's/60's route with this, I think. Just a guess though. Even though this is a sort of radical song, the album's somehow cohesive, and it's clear in telling us listeners what it wants to.

The only thing that confused me about this single was the video. There were six girls, how was I supposed to know who was in the band and who was vying for a place in the band? Still, I love the song, love the vocals and love how these girls are being launched.

I'll be watching out for them, that's for sure.



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