# 32: Paddy Casey - Addicted To Company

Do you know how hard it is to find this guy's albums? He's got like three already but the only one I can actually find is the one with this song.

Paddy Casey is another one of those artists I came to know through Westlife. Westlife have been winning the same award at the Meteor Ireland Music Awards(kind of like the BRITs of Ireland..) for eight years in a row now and I remember watching this years awards and this guy was performing this song.


The song had this quirk about it, like it could be in one of those movies about this tiny little town in the middle of nowhere. Seriously! It's very European countryside-ish. Think middle of nowhere.

Plus the fact that his voice is different from everything else I listen to.

And the melody. The freakin' melody of this song is so brilliant I want to kill the guy(figuratively). This is another one of those clash songs, he voice is rough and the song is very smooth, but it makes for a perfect combination!


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