# 27: David Arcuhleta - You're the Voice

I must admit, I was extremely disappointed with the albums that the two Davids released this year, I was expecting genius albums from at least one of them!

In my opinion, even if the judges didn't really like this performance, I still think he did it well, and I think there should've been songs like this on his album, because from what I heard on it, the songs all sounded the same(and I think they murdered Cook, where's that amazing arranger/singer/rocker guy we so wanted to win?) and there was no effort whatsoever to think about his album whereas during American Idol, the song choices were criticized so much. You know what? I think we should start putting pressure on Archuleta. It worked during Idol, so why didn't it work on his album?

He's got a voice, somewhat like a less powerful male Katharine McPhee with that smoothness that's gorgeous to listen to. He works amazingly with ballads, but I like to hear variety in an artist, it shows how much he/she knows about him/herself because with variety you need something to tie everything together, something to keep people excited.

If he released something like his performances on Idol, I'd certainly buy it over his debut any day.


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