# 15: Leon Jackson - Ordinary Days

Read my review of Right Now here.

Leon Jackson hasn't reached the commercial success that Leona or even Shayne Ward have, but I think he should've with this album. Some of the songs were just gorgeous, and his voice is just as gorgeous. There was one song however that stood out by a mile.

I said when I first reviewed this song that this is probably one of the most gorgeous songs I've heard this year, and I stand by that. Melodically it's a beautiful song, but what I think makes it even better is his voice. I mean come on, can you resist a voice like his? I can't, so I take it as a no.

It sounds a lot like Vanessa Amorosi's Simple Things and it's got a similar feel as well, which I why I love it so much. The song starts out quiet, but towards the end it's an explosion of brilliance, I think.

At the moment I'm worried about one thing, what will he do for his second album? He can either stand by this sound and keep doing it, or he can say "OK, I'm through with all this pretending(side comment: if he is..), I want to make music that's me..", I just don't know which one he'll actually go out and do. Either one, he's got an amazing voice and he's got to use it.


  1. YEAH. i super agree with the comment about this song. His voice is just ethereal. I just hope that Leon's music was given more praise and attention. He's such a good singer.

    P.S: i'm shipping Leon's album from Amazon.co.uk. I'm excited, it's coming this first week of January! :)


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