# 52: Darin - Breathing Your Love with Kat DeLuna

I had heard of Darin for quite a while before I actually started listening to his music. I remember seeing him on a few music blogs but I never really paid any attention to him, like a lot of other artists.

But when his new single was released, I got curious so I listened and adored it. The album rolled along and although I wasn't head over heels in love with it after one listen, it's slowly growing on me(kinda like GA, it took a lot of time for me to realize how brilliant they are..) and I'm starting to love it.

So this song is in my opinion, very Swedish R&B-ish. It's like Agnes Carlsson mixed with Chris Brown or Craig David or Usher(you get the point..). It's got a very Agnes-like melody but the elements are very R&B, something I haven't heard a lot of yet in other artists(maybe because I only really know a few Swedish pop singers..).

It's like you can get the melody and stick it into an Agnes arrangement/instrumentation or take the instrumentation and stick it into a Craig David melody. Got it? Got it.

Which is why I adore the song so much. It deserves to be on this list, a lot.


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