# 63: The Clique Girlz - So Hard, So Far

They may have some of the shrillest voices I've ever heard but you can't deny, those voices are HUGE! For girls just a little younger than me, let's say they can really, really, REALLY sing. I sort of lost the ability to sing notes that high, that loud when I was like 10, so they HAVE to be noticed for that at the very least.

So let's overlook the fact that they're actually younger than me and listen to the song like how we'd listen to every other song.


So Hard, So Far is the best track on their debut by a mile. The melody of the song is just whoa, and they way the just effortlessly pull it off is sheer brilliance.

This is what I like about these girls, they're not being marketed as children, because they're not. I mean, they're tweens/teenagers and everybody knows our lives aren't just about rainbows and castles.

They're acting their age, something I don't see a lot of these days.


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