# 1: Jordan Pruitt - Unconditional

I've had an extremely hard time choosing my favorite song of 2008, mainly because there were so many amazing releases this year, as the countdown proves.

But I've made my decision, and I know I picked the right song.

Jordan Pruitt, I think, is one of the most underrated Disney artists. Even if she is kind of unnoticed by the general music-buying public, she's one of the few artists Disney has gotten spot on this year.

I always say that the transition from first to second album is the hardest part of any singer's career, because it will reveal if you were really being you during your first album or you were being controlled by your record company. Vanessa and Miley failed miserably for their sophomore releases but Jordan made it look so effortless, so easy.

Of course, she had to have an all-star cast of songwriters to help her, and she definitely got that.

The lead single was co-written by a woman who'd written two of the most amazing pop songs ever made, Christina Aguilera's Come On Over and What A Girl Wants. Could it get better than that? Of course it could.

A swedish guy called Savan Kotecha also did some stuff on her album. This guy is amazing when it comes to writing pop songs, he wrote two of the best Westlife songs ever, Amazing and Something Right, he practically wrote Shayne Ward's second album and he did some stuff for Celine Dion as well.

Can you imagine? The same guy who'd worked with all these huge artists worked with Jordan Pruitt this year. The product was amazing, he wrote another of my favorite tracks on the album, My Shoes.

Because of how hard it is on Jordan and songwriters and producers to make a sophomore album, I wasn't expecting a song as gorgeous as Unconditional to appear on the album, but it did.

If I was to choose the most beautiful melody this year, it would be this one. Above all the number one singles, the seasoned artists, the amazing performers and the beautiful voices, a song's melody is what made me so into music. How the notes intertwine with each other and make something so gorgeous just baffles me up to this day, and Unconditional just makes me want to cry.

I'm not kidding. When I hear this song, it just makes me want to burst out into tears.

Gar, I'm getting toooooooo emotional. Unconditional is not just brilliant, it's stunning and it instantly made Jordan Pruitt one of my favorite artists of all time. 

Better than any other song this year, this is the song that really made me shut up and listen. Which is why I think it deserves to be my favorite song of the year.

Well, that's it for 2008. Everything that needed saying was said(although I did forget a few releases...noo!), and so we close this amazing year.

I hope you guys had fun reading about the best of the year, because this is the part where we say farewell to 2008 and hello to 2009, hopefully filled with even more amazing music(and a Westlife release!!! AAAHHH!)!

There's still the final 'What I Used to Listen To' post, but have a happy New Year everyone!


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