# 59: Hilary Duff - Holiday

Hilary Duff is the perfect example of how good Disney can be, if they like you enough.

Hilary shot to fame as Lizzie McGuirre and later branched off to a massive music career, but she did it waaaaay better than Miley. She had a very distinct pop/rock and a bit of techno here and there(Beat Of My Heart..?) for her first few albums and she was making good music. Not exactly huge hits, but the songs were good.

Then she made a huge leap to all this dance stuff, which kind of matched her voice, it removed a bit of the childish voice she has, and the songs were strong, they could've all been singles.

So this year, we got a GH collection from her. What that collection came Holiday, one of my favorite songs this year. Holiday is the perfect cross between her old Disney pop sound and her new dance-y sound. And her voice is in top condition here, which I'm really pleased to see.


  1. I'm not really a Hilary fan but "With Love" is amazing. I think her new style definitely suits her, and she was one of the first mainstream pop artists to go that route.


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