# 40: Colbie Caillat - Something Special

Let me admit something before I launch into the review, I don't get all the buzz about Colbie Caillat, I don't get why so many people like Bubbly and Realize. In my opinion, her voice is too flat a lifeless for those songs. I mean, they're pretty songs but they're not for her thin and one-dimensional voice. BUT, this is the one Colbie Caillat song that I actually like. Why?

Because is somehow masks how thin her voice really is.

The instrumental is heavy enough and the tempo is fast enough to make her sing somehow differently and give her otherwise limp voice that extra push. Plus the fact that the melody's just gorgeous and it's actually got REAL drums in it, something I don't hear a lot of(I think Natasha Bedingfield's Piece Of Your Heart has real drums as well..).

The song starts out with drums and a guitar maybe then the vocals come in and they're actually not that bad. Which is why I have come to a conclusion, she should stop singing all those other songs and make songs like this, because they're good!


  1. I agree on your comments on Colbie. I also found "Bubbly"s lyrics to be incredibly cliche and just downright irritating.

    "Crinkle my nose?"

  2. Good to know that SOMEONE agrees with me, everybody seems to love Colbie and I don't see why, honestly.

  3. Oh agreed. As Flavor Flav used to say: "Don't believe the hype." :)


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