Jordan Pruitt - Permission To Fly

So back when I was at Pop Addicted!, I wrote a review for her album. So I thought, why make another one when my thoughts on the album are still pretty much the same? I edited it a bit, but it's still practically the same. haha.. so here it is, it's crap but forgive me.

When I heard the first few tracks on the album, my first reaction was FINALLY, Disney got something right. Miley's album was a disappointment, never mind Vanessa's, that was horrid but this album is definitely WAY better than almost everything else Disney has released so far.

I listened back to Jordan's first album before I listened to this one and I just have one word to describe the shift from debut to sophomore release, effortless. Her first album was good, it showed off her range and what she could do but it was a bit juvenile. This album on the other hand, is more grown up, but not in the radical or confused way. Her music was and still is very well-defined, it's like a breath of fresh air after a few disasters and it's put Disney back in my good books.

Of course, there are a few tracks which I'm not a big fan of but I just have to say that the production team and everyone involved in the album very clearly gave every single track an enormous amount of attention and thought so yeah.

I absolutely hate her version of The Way You Do The Things You Do, I just don't like the song at all but one thing I can commend is the fact that she gave her best shot and it fits very well with the album, something I'm very peculiar about as you may know. I've got to admit, I'm a bit disappointed with the title track, I was expecting something drop-dead gorgeous. Even if it's not what I expected it to be, it's a nice song and it fits very well with the rest of the album so yeah.

It was extremely hard for me to pick the best tracks on the album because I love most of the track but I guess I'll have to but I'll divide them into two groups, the favorite tracks and the absolutely DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS ones that deserve awards(haha..). 'Simple Things' is a track that I love, but there are better songs on the album. Still, it's a track to watch out for, the melody is cute!

There are four absolutely drop-dead gorgeous tracks for me. 

In Love For A Day starts out so-so but once the chorus hits, it just gets amazing, and it's very Jordan down to the last note. I'm Gone has a killer hook, very catchy but the melody is also amazing, the perfect combination for a song. I Wanna Go Back is also an amazing song, from the very start you start singing along to it, at least I did! 

The most brilliant, stunning and amazing track on the album though is 'Unconditional', everything about that song just leaves me speechless, the song is amazing, the melody and it's very, VERY Jordan, it could've been on either album and still fit in.

Rating: 5/5!
It's also number 8 on my top ten albums of 2008! Hurrah!


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