The Songs I used to listen to THE FINAL POST!

Yes, people! It's New Year's Eve, by midnight we'll be saying goodbye to 2008 and hello to 2009. I had a blast this year music-wise, so let's get the final post of the year rolling!
  • I developed a liking for the RENT soundtrack(I have the whole thing! haha..) because of my best friend(she LOVES Seasons Of Love) and the two songs I listened to the most out of it were Will I and, you guessed it, Seasons Of Love. I love the songs, the melodies are brilliant and they're so broadway, I love them! haha.
  • Ricki-Lee's It's Just Life was this school year's 'emo' song for me, last school year it was the live version of Heaven by Do and Westlife. Those two songs had the ability to make me cry in school if I turned the volume up high enough. The melody of Heaven did it all for me, it was all I listened to during the end my freshman year. It's Just Life though, narrated exactly what was happening to me during the start of this school year, I'd just gone through a really, really rough patch and when I heard this song, I started bawling. The melody mixed with the lyrics just did it for me and whenever I was kinda emo-ish, this was the song I'd listen to.
  • I first heard NKOTB's Summertime during maybe the tail end of summer here, and it sort of sparked my boy band addiction phase 3. Phase one was Westlife, phase 2 was Blue and so phase 3 was NKOTB, NLT and V Factory. This song sort of got me addicted to the current American boybands. haha.
  • One of my favorite albums that wasn't released this year is Britt Nicole's debut. I adore this girl and although I thought she was a little too like Ashlee Simpson when I heard her single but then I got the album and I was in awe, her songs are amazing! haha..
  • I was also listening to Carrie Underwood's first album a lot this year. I love all the songs, although I didn't give Carnival Ride a once-over. Maybe I will next year..

I think that's it. Well people, 2008 for this blog is done and over with so let's usher 2009 in and hope for some of the most amazing releases we've heard!

From me, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I so want 2009 to start already so we can get the music rolling! haha.


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