The songs I used to listen to Part 1..

2008 has been filled with a lot of music for me, so let me revisit the songs I was listening to at the start of the year but somehow got lost in the never-ending rush of new songs, singles and album releases. I may have stopped listening to them but they're still a bunch of truly amazing songs.

They don't necessarily have to had been released this year, though!
  • According to iTunes, the first thing I put into my music library this year was Leon Jackson's live version of Home on the 1st of January. I don't exactly know why I have it, but I do and I think the song itself is just amazing so when you add Leon's gorgeous vocals, it makes for an even more amazing song! Apparently, I also got the Soundtrack to St. Trinians on that day. haha..
  • Ah yes, Justin Guarini's debut album. I think I actually liked a few songs off it but I can't remember which(my iPod was ancient then, a white first generation nano, don't blame me!). All I know is, I never, ever listened to Unchanied Melody, I hate that song!(no offense if you like it, apparently, it's Simon Cowell's favorite song!..)
  • OMG. The official full-length remix of Westlife's flop of a single, Us Against the World in all it's 5:57 minutes of glory. I think that remix actually gave me quite a headache after listening to it for maybe 5 times. After that, I stopped listening to it! haha.
  • I was in love with Yael Naim's New Soul around summer, it was probably the only song I had the courage to play in front of my parents at the time(I DO NOT like playing the songs I like for people other than my best friend..), mainly because it was in the MacBook Air ad and I was dying for one at the time. I'm actually still dying for it! haha. I love the song, maybe I'll go buy her album later when I go to the mall for some post-Christmas shopping.
  • I liked Sara Bareilles enough to buy her physical album(that got cracked the day I bought it and wouldn't be replaced by the store.. gar.) sometime during summer, whenever I hear Bottle It Up I remember summer, mainly because I'd listen to her album from start to finish at the time, something I don't do a lot, even now, there's always a track on an album that I don't like, that I can't stand but surprisingly, I loved every single track on Little Voice. Heck, Gravity became my lullaby when I couldn't sleep because my mind was going everywhere! haha. Maybe I'll listen to the whole album again..
  • Brian McFadden's Set In Stone was also played a lot earlier this year on my iPod and on iTunes, there were some tracks there that I just adored, some absolutely brilliant songs that were underrated like Alice in Wonderland(AMAZINGNESS, the rest of the album could've been horrible and this song would still make it amazing..) or Get Away(not to be confused with the Westlife b-side..).
Catch Part 2 sometime tomorrow!


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