# 50: Cassie - Is it You?

Cassie might not have the biggest voice, but her songs make up for everything.

Cassie burst out into our iPods in 2006 and I remember loving Me&U but I had no idea who sang it until early last year. Her career has been quiet these past few months, but Is It You was released in the UK for Step Up 2 earlier this year.

The song is very typical Cassie, a nice hook and a verse that hides the fact that she doesn't actually have a big voice like Leona or Beyonce.

Which is exactly what attracted me to this song. It's not a heavy R&B mid-tempo with the huge vocals clashing with tons and tons of synthetic drums and computer-generated instruments, it's a light song that flows but is clearly an R&B mid-tempo.

I'm not a big fan of Official Girl, but I'll be eagerly awaiting her sophomore release!


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