X Factor 5 Live Show - Week 9

WHAT THE CRAP HAPPENED THIS WEEK? Diana shouldn't have gone, even if I thought her first performance wasn't very good.

The Boy: Eoghan's performances tonight were a little strange. At least I was kinda weird-ed out. Something about the second song just made me really uncomfortable.

The Group: JLS WERE AMAZING THIS WEEK. Now wasn't I right since the very beginning, they are SO gonna win! I loved their first performance and their second one was mind-blowing but is Louis trying too hard to make them the new Westlife? This is the second week in a row that JLS have sung a song Westlife covered, first it was You Light Up My Life(from TLA) and this week it was I'm Already There(from Back Home..). Their performance of IAT even had similarities to last year's Westlife X Factor performance of the song especially the pyro at the end. Wanna see?

This is the Westlife performance from 2007: 
And THIS is the JLS performance of said song:
Sense the similarities? They're all in suits, they all walk from the back to the mic stands and at the end, the take the mics off the stands and walk in front of them and fireworks start exploding. Oh, and the smoke machine!

The Girls: DIANA SHOULDN'T HAVE WENT, I CANNOT BELIEVE SHE WENT. Seriously, she deserved to be in the final over Eoghan. She had a better voice, a quirkier image and she had the makings of a star. WHY? Alexandra though, was amazing tonight. I never really liked her during the earlier stages but now I'm seeing that she has what it takes. I say it's JLS vs. Alexandra for the winner!

The Results Show Performance: Il Divo - Amazing Grace. I never really liked them.

The sum-up in one sentence: EOGHAN SHOULD'VE GONE, NOT DIANA!

What I want to happen next week: Alexandra and JLS to battle it out after Eoghan goes.


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