The Songs I Used to Listen To Part 4..

Music carries a time stamp for me, when I listen to a particular song it reminds me of some period of my life/the year/ whatever so this year, there were quite a few memorable songs that'll carry timestamps of the year.
I can't believe we're on part 4 ALREADY!
  • I remember listening to She&Him's Sentimental Heart when I just got my iMac back for its first round of repairs, it was probably the very first thing I downloaded when I got it back as well. I love the song, it sort of marked the transition of my musical tastes, after I heard this I started listening to Duffy and Sara Bareilles and Brooke White's pre-idol album so yeah.
  • Around the same time, I remember hearing Westlife's Get Away for the first time. It was the b-side to Us Against the World and I loved it the minute I heard it. I love the feel of the song and the edginess and we don't usually get from the lads. I mean, have they ever made a song like this for an album in the past three years? I don't think so!
  • I also remember rekindling my childhood adoration for Swing Out Sister earlier this year. I think it's safe to say that I grew up listening to these two(formerly three), way before Craig David and people like that came along. I remember my dad always listening to their greatest hits in the album and when I finally remembered to hunt it down, it was like remembering my childhood. I love, love, love Breakout and possibly every other track on the album! haha. Each song in that album represents a part of my childhood, it's so cool.
  • I remember the first time I heard Kylie Minogue's Wow was during one of those rare times that I turned the TV on and watched the local music channel, it was on some kind of countdown. I never really took notice of Kylie's album when it came out(even though it was all over the place..) like the countless other albums I didn't pay attention to. But I loved Wow so much, I found it so infectious that I just had to get my hands on the album. I loved what I heard!
  • I remember downloading these two albums at the same time. My favorite song from Utada Hikaru's Heart Station has got to be Fight The Blues. Flavor of Life may have been the huge single all over the place but it's Fight the Blues that caught my ear. It's refreshing to hear something like that, and the melody's gorgeous. On Ultra Blue though, my favorite is Keep Trying. Not only is the video really, really cute and fun to watch, the song is mind-blowing. I love the bridge and the little edge in the chorus. Amazing stuff.
  • Another blast from the past for me is the Unplugged album the Corrs released a few years back, I just found my dad's copy of it this year, amidst all his junk. When I was a kid I knew absolutely nothing about music so I had no idea it was live until maybe last year or something. As a kid I loved the unplugged version of Radio, I remember listening to that a lot as well, I think I was in first grade when my dad bought this. haha.
  • The first time I heard With Every Heartbeat was when Girls Aloud covered it on Live Lounge. I knew it was a cover and I knew it was huge but I had never really listened to it so when I heard the GA version and I loved the song(not the version, it's kinda lackluster..) and so I hunted down the original Robyn(who sang one of my favorite songs, Don't Stop The Music) version. Amazingness. haha.
Don't forget to catch possibly the last installment tomorrow! haha.


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