# 43: Samantha Jade - Turn Around

This girl made a big impact on me this year with the release of this song. I loved Step Up(the song) and the song she wrote for JoJo, Secret Love. Amazing stuff from this girl, so why haven't I heard anything new from her? Gar.

I've got to admit, I like Step Up better than this song but Turn Around is still good enough to make the list. Her voice is somewhere in between people like Cassie or Mya and people like Beyonce and Karina, it's not powerful but it's not thin either.

Turn Around is much heavier than Step Up, but the melody is very, very good. Not a big fan of the instrumentation though. If it was given a lighter one the song would've been miles better.

What I'm eagerly awaiting from this girl though is her debut album. It was originally set for a 2006 release but it was pushed back to 2009 which is strange in my opinion. Why delay a possibly brilliant album by three years? Let's hope the 2009 release date stays like that.


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