# 13: V Factory - These Are The Days

V Factory, another BRILLIANT boyband to come out from the US this year, they're certainly making up for lost time.

Can you believe Darin wrote their upcoming single? It's amazing, and it sounds so Swedish!

Anyway. They released an EP earlier this year, and I was blown away.

They may have a really wimpy set of vocal chords but hey, the songs they've got are amazing. Amazing to the level that These Are The Days was the only thing I listened to for maybe two days, thus I've played it like 100 times already.

It's like a more R&B-influenced Ordinary Days(the Leon song I just reviewed yesterday..) but with another gorgeous melody.

As I said, the vocals are probably my only problem. They're a bit too Disney for me, but I guess that's what American boybands are, so who am I to change a tried and tested formula? After all, pop is a formula.

If I was to judge just the song, I would say it's stunning. After months of listening to it, I haven't gotten sick of it yet and that's definitely a good sign.


  1. I don't believe they are Disney related specifically, but one of them is dating Ashley Tisdale. I don't know which one. ;)

    I really like their song "Round & Round". It's an uptempo that sounds like it could have been used by the Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC. Good in an old 90's teen pop kind of way. "These Are the Days" is very good as well.


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