# 44: Metro Station - Shake It

Metro Station is a guilty pleasure for me. Kind of like Coldplay, if you knew me you would never have guessed that I like them.

There's something about this band that makes me want to listen to their songs more and more. Let me get one thing straight though, I don't think in any way, shape or form that the lead singer is a good singer. I mean, he can hold a note but I'm a little annoyed by his style.

Anyway, I love the melody of the song and how catchy the chorus is, even if I think it lacks some substance. The way the instruments somehow manage to compliment AND clash with the melody is strange but intriguing for me, and I'll just keep listening until I figure it out.

I've heard Seventeen Forever as well, and I'm kind of liking what I'm hearing, maybe I'll go buy their album tomorrow or something..


  1. Ditto. They are 100% guilty pleasure. Their songs are incredibly catchy in that "I know I don't wanna like it but I still do" kind of way.


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