# 64: The Saturdays - Work

See my review of Chasing Lights here.

The group poised to be the new leading British girl group are certainly doing it well, Work is one of the most brilliant songs of the year.

Work is an amazing song, and you can see that it reflects exactly what kind of music the girls want to make, good old girl group pop. The melody's catchy yet somehow manages to show a gorgeous side, something that made me just want to worship whoever wrote this song.

The vocals show off their voices, and just how good they sound together and individually. You know it's them, and you can't help but worship them for it.

Their current single is Issues, but I seriously think this should be the Christmas single, Who knows, it might even get to number one if it was the single..!


  1. You continue to pick good songs! :) I really think "Work" should have been chosen as the third single over "Issues", but I suppose they need something a little different to not run the risk of being the uptempo girls. ;)

  2. aww.. thanks!

    I agree with you, but I seriously want 'Work' to be the fourth single because it really deserves to be a single.

    Who knows, they might be saving the very best for last!

  3. It seems they are indeed!
    I've been reading all those raving reviews about "Work" all over the internet and I do believe it's ace, but I'm curious to see the outcome (chartwise), as it's coming out quite late and since "Just Can't Get Enough" didn't make it to nr1!
    Hope they shoot an equally brilliant video!


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