# 65: Usher - Love In This Club Part 2 with Beyonce and Lil' Wayne

A song with two of the smoothest voices in R&B and a rapper can never go wrong, and this song is solid proof.

Usher can do it like no one else can, and he pretty much lead the whole generation of Chris Browns, didn't he? Of course he did.

He doesn't have the most powerful voice, but he knows how to use his amazingly smooth voice. And he's a performer, he can sing but you have to see him at work to really appreciate how good he is, how far he is from all these wannabes.

Let's just say that Usher still does it like no one else can.

I adored Love In This Club for maybe the first three weeks but then it got too popular and too overplayed. Then I heard this. Amazing song, and Beyonce was the perfect choice for the female parts, she did an amazing job.


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