[April 20, 2012] KBS Music Bank Highlights + Commentary

Significantly less major comebacks this week, and actually the only idol comebacks were from 5tion, who I'm not going to cover on today's recap, and Girls' Day, who are all lower-profile idol groups. But, it was still a pretty good show, what with 4Minute and SISTAR getting used to stage again, Shinhwa being around, and SHINee and CN Blue leaving with a bang, CN Blue in particular.

Credit for the videos goes to shu35151224@YouTube. (Other videos to follow)

The good thing is, at least their vocals are that much more bearable this week -- I'm glad they're showing signs of improving, at least in terms of vocals. However, as I was watching the performance today, they're not only stiff and ungraceful, they're also still very all over the place. You can argue that the choreography itself is very edgy, but the way they present themselves and move on stage has no grace whatsoever. They're not yet at the point where they look like they're enjoying the stage.

I like NU'EST, I'm confident enough to admit it. They have emotion, they have grace, and again, they can pull off their material. Heavily choreographed, yes, but this early on, they know how to show that they genuinely enjoy being on stage. Another consistently strong performance today, and an absolute pleasure to watch, for rookie standards.

Spica - "Painkiller"
Strong vocals, good stage presence and delivery, but really, these girls need a much, much more interesting and powerful single to match what they already have in the bag.

Girls' Day - "Oh My God"
It's been a year since they last had something new out, and I still feel like strangling all of them, AND their song. Looks like my "well talk when you get decent" line will never get done, because I doubt they're gonna get decent within the next few years. They don't even sound like they're singing, it's more like they're talking.

SISTAR - "Alone"
And I see we're back to tacky gold dresses to match the cheap choreography this week. Really, the dresses are so distracting because not only is there a huge slit in front, it's also a really awkward length and bad, stiff material, so when the girls dance it makes them look fatter than the sticks they most probably are. That said, considering that Hyomin has been sick for ages now, the vocals were pretty okay, and at least the other girls are singing too.

4Minute - "Volume Up"
Is it just me or was today's performance flat? I mean in terms of vocals everyone, Hyun A maybe a bit, was consistent, and Jiyoon's high notes were pretty much spot-on, but as a whole they lacked intensity, and the leader's middle 8 was of no help to break the lack of intensity. They carried themselves well, but it just lacked that spark.

SHINee - "Sherlock"
Honestly? Today's performance wasn't their best, but it's a lot better than when I first saw them perform this. All-around strong vocals, and the stage presence is just overflowing. It was an enjoyable performance.

Shinhwa - "Venus"
The purple outfits are... interesting, to say the least, but distracting, especially the unlucky members who got purple pants to match. Not as distracting as SISTAR's outfits though. The way they carry themselves on stage is really something else, the song is as choreographed as everyone else, and even without prancing around stage, they hold the audience in the palm of their hands -- the fan chants are so, so loud, and everyone revels in the performance. It's such a joy to watch a Shinhwa performance, it really is.

CN Blue - "In My Head" + "Hey You"(WINNER)
No big breakthroughs in today's performance, just the same old complaints. First off, I know they're not really playing, and that itself is a problem, but really, couldn't you give off some semblance of them being a band like say I don't know, putting them near each other so they can mock-hear each other? In other news, Jonghyun sounds more and more amazing each time I hear him.


  1. EXO surely can improve. I doubt DBSK could pull off Tri Angle if it was their debut song and if it was the first song they had ever performed live. They didn't even perform Tri Angle live on music shows even though it's released one year after they debuted and everyone knows what the reason is. And EXO is better at dancing than DBSK in general. Only 2 of 2 members of DBSK could dance on their early days.

    EXO's stage presence is really weak though. I agree with you on that.

  2. Well SISTAR has resisted the urge to smile despite singing a sad song now. Hyorin still smiled from time to time but the others did not.

    Oh! My god is such a step down for Girl's Day especially since they have girls who can sing. Too bad this was their most profitable concept and so the company will continue to do it. I feel bad for Sojin (She's 24-25)

    Does Sunny Hill not count as an idol group? I'd like to see your thoughts on their performance style compared to other idol groups.

  3. yes. i agree with your review today
    nu'est really bring a good job, as rookies of course. they improve faster from the day they are debuting. definitely rookies to watch

    and for exo. well havent watch it yet but sure, my comment for them always exactlu the same as you said. lol. btw good job !

  4. Shinee's promotion was too short! Cnblue too
    .. even though i never really watched their perfs this time around. But ive always loved jonghyun most.

    As for exo, glad they found some balance vocally and that they're not trying to outscream one another during the chorus. I appreciate they try with the harmonies too. The company made some good choices cutting down d.o's parts and letting suho and bacon carry the tunes. They are much more reliable live singers. Im not sure whether chanyeol originally helped during the screamo but i think letting him do it with kai is a good move too. Although that meant the choreo became a messy and awkward...

  5. Jonghyun (CNBLUE) looked so, so sick in this performance, it hurt me to look at him. Well, I don't really like his voice at all but I think Yonghwa carried the whole performance with his energy/screaming.

    But yeah, though I'm liking EXO, they seemed so robotic today, it was a turn off...but at least they sung it live though D.O messed up his first high note and it hurt my ears severely.

    On a side note, I hate SISTAR's new song, I just don't know why...maybe cuz I'm Hyuna biased? Oh, well...

  6. Omomomomo.. there comes EXO fans comparing things to DBSK --v hell yeah, DBSK aren't good dancers compared to EXO... but can EXO do acapella on their debut day? jeez, that's what a singer supposed to do. Sorry, if I'm ranting on this post but... I just can't stand this --v

    And Nu'est! Fighting ^^ Maybe this is a story about a dwarf and a giant, but it's gonna end like David and Goliath

  7. i will watch exo when they stop messing on stage & start enjoying and giving good performance. i hate the "too much trying and failing" feeling i get when wathing them.

    first week of dbsk, first week of shinee, first week of the boss, first week of exo? hmm, interesting comparative study to make.


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