It's been four years!

I originally wanted to stay away from all the mush that would come, on the grounds that I'm mushy enough to start with, but then just now I realized that there's no point hiding that I am mushy when it comes to things like this. You've all seen it before, it's not like it's anything new!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much for four of the most amazing years of my life. Thank you for bearing with all my shortcomings, for all the friends I've made, but most of all, thank you for listening to that insecure twelve year-old back in 2008, thank you for giving her a chance. To say that this blog changed my life would be an understatement, because it is my life, and it embodies everything I want to do now and in the future.

If you had asked me back in 2008 if I thought I'd last this long, I'd laugh at you for thinking this was something serious. But things happened, and everything about this blog -- the readers included -- made me realize that this is something I love doing so much that I'd pursue a career in it. Pop Reviews Now is an adventure, and while I myself was struggling with myself and my writing (still am!), this was the one thing that reminded me of why I allow myself to go through all that. And it will continue to be.

Honestly it may seem a bit arrogant for me to say this, but I have high hopes for the future. Rest assured, like I always say I'm not going anywhere.

(I'll be doing a live tweet of tonight's KBS Music Bank, to go along with the return of my music show recaps! YES!)


  1. Four amazing years indeed!! :D

    Now I want to thank you for creating Popreviewsnow! You have no idea how much your blog opened up my mind and eyes towards pop music. I mean, I always liked pop (and a variety of genres) but I never took it seriously. Through your blog, I have learned to listen to music more critically and look at certain aspects through a different eye. Plus, I discovered some pretty awesome music on your blog too!!

    Popreviewsnow was the first music blog I ever read. I stumbled across it when I was searching up 2NE1 and I adored your blog.I actually felt comfort in reading your posts. I started grade nine and everything was new (Exams, new school, and new friends). This year when I hit a major slump in my sports and things got bad with my team. I know its odd because its sports and all, but I dunno reading and re-reading your reviews made me feel better.

    God bless you, and I hope years to come bring more success and fortune for you! :D

  2. Happy Anniversary, I slightly remember first finding your blog on Babelpop and wanting to read reviews for a change. Your writing has improved so much and your site always looks amazing.

    By the way, if you have my old url on your links, please change it to


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