[April 21, 2012] MBC Music Core Highlights + Commentary

Today's show featured comebacks from Girls' Day and Supernova, and goodbye stages from CN Blue, who I'm not recapping today, and SHINee.

And before we start, I just really want to thank you all for the support you've put in to the return of these recaps, all your comments and the discussions you engage in because of my posts somewhat drive me to keep writing these recaps. To know that people still actually take time to read my work means a lot to me. But enough of the mush.


I've half-figured out and made sure of why EXO look so stiff on stage -- it's because they've overdoing it, to the point where, again, they don't enjoy it. While I understand that it's natural to over think performances, and it's actually for that reason that I stopped performing, EXO are supposed to be in it for the long run. Or at least that's what I assume. If they themselves cannot start genuinely enjoying their performances, then their audience won't either.

BTOB - "Insane"

Now the problem with BTOB has something to do with dynamics again. There are seven of them on stage, but it seems like there are more, like the stage is crowded, because they're not moving as a group. Their vocals are fine, their song is so-so but fits them, but they have to work on their group dynamic.

Spica - "Painkiller"

Their vocals were ever so slightly slipping today, but nothing majorly bad and/or painful happened, and the song is still as bland as it was yesterday, despite the girls' efforts.

Girls' Day - "Oh My God"

I'd love to say that their vocals were actually consistent and that I just really hate them, but then... what vocals? They sound like three year-olds begging you to buy them something. All of them.

SISTAR - "Alone"

In fairness to SISTAR, Soyu (is that her name?) sounds a lot better, and thus that much more relevant today. At least Hyorin's not the only one properly carrying the melody during live performances anymore. Other than that though, I practically fell asleep during today's performance. The song itself is a song that needs to be carried with both grace and attitude, and while SISTAR do have attitude, it's not coupled with grace, so it just becomes boring.

Supernova - "Stupid Love"

When Supernova were promoting "On The Days I Missed You", I adored them. They were a b-list group with lots of potential, and above all, brilliant material. It was a shame that they weren't more famous in Korea. However, this time around, it seems like they've degraded, and now they're just another b-list band with sub-par, generic material. "Stupid Love" sounds a BEAST reject, rejected because it was too cheap, even for Cube. And it's obvious that this song doesn't fit them, because they can't sing it live. It's not that they're completely untalented, because they're actually all pretty okay, and Sungje reminds me of a cross between a young Hyesung and a young Jaejoong, who are both gods in their own right, it's that they need good material or else they'll just disappear in the sea of b-list acts.

4Minute - "Volume Up"

So I see we're still turning the backing track way too high during the parts that matter, huh, Music Core? The performance itself was consistently okay today, and if there's one thing 4Minute knows how to do, it's carry a song with the right kind of attitude.

SHINee - "Sherlock"

I liked the camera effects they put in today's performance, a lot more than the spinning cameras everyone used to use. It's subtle and tasteful, it wasn't over-the-top and that sense of "live" still remained. Vocals were consistent today -- again, not as powerful as I'd like them to be, but good enough for me not to be in any pain.

Shinhwa - "Venus"

In all honesty, for the songs that Shinhwa are doing now, Minwoo should take over lead vocals. While Hyesung's voice is godly and we should all worship it, it's very picky, and rather shaky live. They need a lead singer who can not only sing well, but who is versatile and stable enough to carry the band, regardless of what kind of material they get. But that's just me. On the performance side, again, they are so good at performing that it looks effortless, it feels effortless, and they have total control over the audience.


  1. The only two people who looked they enjoyed the stage and stayed connected with the audience are Suho (the one that sang the 2nd line of the 1st verse) and Chanyeol (the one with the crazily-crimped hairstyle), but even then it couldn't save the performance because everyone else is just robotic.

    And it's about time Soyu is given credit. She may not have a impressive vocal range like Hyorin but compared to other girlgroups Soyu is pretty competent at singing live. I think the fact that it looked like SISTAR relied heavily on Hyorin is mostly because of uneven line distributions. Most of the lines are given to Hyorin since the company knows that she can sing, and sing well, but that also meant neglecting the other members as well, making it seem like Hyorin ft. the backup vocals.

    As for Girls' Day, the moment they started talk-singing (sing-talk?) I just wanted to claw my eyes out. There are so many things I wanted to punch when I watched the MV and the performance. Poor girls, so much potential.

  2. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" - I think Shinhwa has been doing really well so far with Hyesung as the main vocalist. You can feel his voice most in Shinhwa's live concert.

  3. im pretty surprised with your comment about his godly voice.


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