[#33] SHINee - "LOVE"

From: "Your Number"
Previous Best of Entries: 2009: "Ring Ding Dong" / 2010: [#2] "Lucifer" / 2012: [#16] "Alarm Clock" / 2013: [#3] "Dangerous (Medusa II)"
Other notable song(s) from 2015: "Your Number"

While we're on the subject of successful J-Pop crossovers from K-Pop acts, though they're pretty under the radar in terms of news about their Japan exploits, over the years SHINee have put out some really good singles in Japan. "Dazzling Girl" remains one of my favorite tracks of theirs, both territories included.

And I really, really love all the Britpop influences we're hearing in SHINee's Japanese tracks. Personally because I actually used to be a Brit Pop blogger and it's nostalgic hearing these sounds. It's been years since I last heard a new song use a whimsical string section built seamlessly into the rest of a pop instrumentation. But musically also because we see heavy Britpop influence in J-Pop, and like Infinite, SHINee have successfully captured and re-executed that sound.

"LOVE" reminds me of a Take That track with a more saturated instrumentation and cleaner production. The melody of the hook, the choice of vocal harmonies, are distinctly Britpop. And this makes SHINee's material more refined and mature than their usual very trendy singles in Korea—which is a welcome break, honestly.


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