[#44] Park Jimin - "Hopeless Love"

From: "Hopeless Love"
Previous Best of Entries: First as a solo act
Other notable song(s) from 2015: n/a

Park Jimin is one of the most talented vocalists in K-Pop today—clean, powerful vocals that can sing everything from classic K-Pop ballads to some of the best Motown-inspired K-Pop songs. And for the most part, I like the direction JYP is leading 15& towards—because Jimin and Yerin have the vocals to pull it off.

Which is why "Hopeless Love" wasn't as stunning as I would've wanted it to be. Nonetheless, Jimin's first proper solo release is strong. It's a showcase of her technique and range—which goes from the bubbling, bare verses all the way to the intense bridges and the epic chorus. Jimin delivers the song with an effortless air, something few others in K-pop are capable of.

The focus on Jimin means that the strength of the arrangement and instrumentation are compromised—rather than being bare, it's empty. But, "Hopeless Love"'s strength lies in the melody and the vocal line—elements of the song that are outstanding, and too good to overlook.


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