[#46] A Pink - "I Do"

From: "Pink MEMORY"
Previous Best of Entries: 2011: [#44] "My My" / 2014: [#44] "Mr. Chu"
Other notable song(s) from 2015: "Remember", "What A Boy Wants", "Perfume"

A Pink's "Snow Pink" remains one of the best girl group EPs for me, and while A Pink's more recent releases haven't blown me away, they're consistent and make for a more or less cohesive repertoire. (And their placement on my Top 50 countdowns is pretty consistent as well!) And I think with the return of the feminine girl group, A Pink are right at the forefront of the sound as one of the veteran girl groups who've established the sound.

Yesterday when I talked about CLC's "Like" I was saying how this specific girl group sound strikes a balance between depth and girliness. While CLC had a more literal interpretation—aegyo-filled verses and spunky choruses—A Pink's execution of the balance happens throughout "I Do." And in a sense, it's a lot more natural. The balance is inherent in the choice of instrumentation: trumpets that are at once imposing and graceful, bass beats that are neither heavy nor light but rather sharp and remind you of those in 90s pop hits.

"I Do" is not the best A Pink have done, but it's a masterfully executed take on the feminine girl group sound. If anyone can serve as an example to the rookie groups who are taking this route, it's A Pink.


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