[#45] GFRIEND - "Me Gustas Tu"

From: "Flower Bud"
Previous Best of Entries: First appearance
Other notable song(s) from 2015: "Glass Bead", "Neverland"

I mentioned in my intro that this year's Top 50 features a lot of rookies who, this early on, have proven that they can play with the big leagues. And I think in terms of girl groups, GFRIEND have established their sound, their niche, and their strengths early on.

I loved GFRIEND's debut, but in terms of sound "Glass Bead" was a bit dated and beside similar songs like "Into the New World," it was neither fresh nor extremely well-executed. "Me Gustas Tu," on the other hand, is different. While I don't think it's fresh either, I think it can stand as a production beside the likes of A Pink.

"Me Gustas Tu" has an arrangement to die for, with the electric guitars and full bass line giving the song punch and the string section and feminine vocals providing the grace. The chorus is catchy, the melody easy to sing along to, and the production pleasantly strong for a girl group of their calibre. I had my eye on GFRIEND this year, and I'll have my eye on them next year as well.


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