[#43] VIXX - "Love Equation"

From: "Boys' Record"
Previous Best of Entries: 2012: [#32] "Starlight" / 2013: [#31] "다칠 준비가 돼 있어" / 2014: [#43] "Error"
Other notable song(s) from 2015: "미치지 않고서야"(Feat. 다이나믹듀오), "문득병", "Teardrop"

VIXX have settled in to their signature sound quite well—darker, heavier-sounding tracks with elaborate performances. And while I think they're doing a great job with it, a part of me misses the sound they could have followed given their debut—"Super Hero" and "Starlight" remain some of my favorite boyband debut tracks.

"Love Equation" is one of those tracks I heard earlier this year and liked, listened to for a while, and then forgot about until I put together this list.

But even if the track can get cheesy at times, I heard some of that lighthearted yet still dance-y VIXX in it—the VIXX I haven't heard in quite a while. The verses are striking in their simplicity, and the retro synths give it both depth and character—reminds me a lot of 90s K-Pop boybands. The idea of covering a 90s track (R.ef’s “Farewell Formula”) with 21st century production quality is the best of both worlds: the musical sensibilities of the 90s with the production quality of 2015. And you know me, I love my 90s boybands.


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