[#42] Niel (Teen Top) - "Call Me"

From: "oNIELy"
Previous Best of Entries: First as a solo act
Other notable song(s) from 2015: n/a

I've never really been a big Teen Top fan, and a big reason why is because I find Niel's vocals rough and ungraceful. So his solo album this year is one of those albums I don't know why I listened to, but when I did I was pleasantly surprised to hear "Call Me."

The fact that Niel's vocals sound good on "Call Me" is enough for me, actually, because it implies several things. First, that the production took into consideration Niel's vocals and the fact that with an instrumentation like this—laid-back, smooth—they will clash in the wrong ways. The solution: multi-tracking at the chorus, having the melody in a higher octave so Niel doesn't belt too much, instead he uses his diaphragm voice more, and generally making the melody a lot smoother.

The result is a song that's smooth on all fronts—the arrangement, production, and melody. "Call Me" is one of those tracks you can keep in the background and it won't be intrusive or annoying, but if you do stop and listen carefully it'll be worth your while.


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