[#47] CLC - "Like"

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Other notable song(s) from 2015: "첫사랑", "숨바꼭질"

A word of warning before I start talking about CLC: these next few 2015 Picks entries will be girl groups, and there came a point when I was writing these entries that I couldn't tell the tracks apart anymore.

One of the many things I'm thankful for in K-Pop this year is the return of the feminine girl group. Not cutesy, feminine. The aegyo is still there in the vocals—but the songs are much more melodic, requiring more singing than squeaking, and the instrumentals have more punch to them. And honestly, deep bass lines and strong melodies strike a great balance with the aegyo.

CLC's "Like" takes that balance a bit literally, but it works and I'm glad that their general musical trajectory seems to go towards this more balanced sound. The hook is signature girl group aegyo, but the instrumental and the chorus has rock and pop elements scattered: raw drum rolls, crisp hand claps, striking but short vocal lines.

I honestly wasn't expecting much from CLC, but "Like" is a strong rookie release that is a well-done song on its own, and in relation to the group shows great promise.


  1. The chorus of this song is actually really fun and cute, and at least the song has substance. I'll admit, this is not what I will be blasting on my ipod, but I think this is cutesy done right. I personally love cute/feminine groups....but with solid vocals, talent, and fun (not silly cutesy) songs. I have not been keeping up with Kpop for the past couple of years, so I am really looking forward to this list. As usual, everything is is so well written on this blog, and concise.


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