[#41] JooHeon, HyungWon, I.M (MONSTA X) - "Interstellar" Feat. Yella Diamond

From: "NO MERCY"
Previous Best of Entries: First appearance
Other notable song(s) from 2015: n/a

Out of curiosity earlier this year, I followed Mnet and Starship's "No Mercy." While I have my qualms about the show, I was pleased to have discovered quite a few strong performances and a well-done original track like "Interstellar."

If you've read enough of my reviews, you know that I'm not the biggest rap fan. I've learned to appreciate it more because of K-Pop, mainly because I was able to grasp more or less its basic principles. But, I'll be quick to flat-out admit that I'm not capable enough to scrutinize it as much as I am more "traditional" elements of music.

That said, as someone who's more inclined towards the melodic, "Interstellar" has become one of the few rap-heavy songs that I genuinely like and will go out of my way to hear. And I think it's because the lines between rap and melody are blurred on "Interstellar" — the melody is in short, rhythmic lines, while the rap verses are so rhythmic that a few more pushes and they can be sang.

There is groove and a strong sense of ("traditional") rhythm in "Interstellar," and that much I appreciate.


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