[#38] MinAh (Girl's Day) - "Colorful"

From: "I'm a Woman Too"
Previous Best of Entries: First as solo act
Other notable song(s) from 2015: "I'm a Woman Too"

Like a lot of other acts, I blame my dislike for MinAh's vocals on Girl's Day's repertoire. Because once Girl's Day started getting better material I realized that MinAh is the most stable vocalist in the group. Plus the fact that as MinAh matures, so will her voice.

So while I approached her solo debut with caution and slight fear, I'm glad that it was a well-produced, age-appropriate repertoire for MinAh. "Colorful" strays away from the saccharine sweet cutesy sound to a more contemporary/R&B-inspired sound—the mid-tempo, the choice of bass line, the piano in the background are more polished, mature sounds. But, the very K-Pop/pop melody that's striking and easy to follow keeps the track young.

"Colorful" is one of my favorite R&B-influenced K-pop tracks this year, and definitely the track that has changed my impression of MinAh's vocal skills.


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