[#27] FIESTAR - "Turn Off The Lights"

From: "Black Label"
Previous Best of Entries: 2014: [#50] "One More"
Other notable song(s) from 2015: n/a

FIESTAR is one of those groups I really want to like, because they made a promising debut and one way or another they've put out some pretty solid singles over the years. But I never seem to be totally blown away by anything about them. I mean they're a great group with some solid singers, but that's all they've ever been: solid. Which, in the realm of b-level groups, is really good. But I've been waiting for the mind-blowing brilliance from them, which I haven't really gotten.

That said though, in terms of solid releases, I admit that "Black Label" was probably the best FIESTAR have done. The entire EP was cohesive, the songs equally strong in terms of production quality and performance, which I was pleasantly surprised with. "Turn Off The Lights" is like a generic slightly sexy/slightly spunky girl group track done with great production quality, a good arrangement (that real bass section sold it for me), and with a melody that accentuated the girls' vocals.

So while FIESTAR have yet to blow me away, as long as they keep on releasing well-executed songs, hopefully the artistry and experimentation will follow.


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