[#23] Jonghyun - "MONO-Drama"

From: "BASE"
Previous Best of Entries: First entry (as a solo act)
Other notable song(s) from 2015: "Deja-Boo"(Feat. Zion T), "Hallelujah"

I acknowledge that Jonghyun has his strengths as a singer, but his voice and technique have never really appealed to me. It tends to be too grating, especially in the higher registers he sings often.

Which is why I really enjoyed "MONO-Drama"—because as a song it's in a comfortable, mid-range where Jonghyun doesn't really need to push much. Instead of matching the intensity of Jonghyun's voice with an equally aggressive song which is what happens most of the time, "MONO-Drama" is a lot more relaxed, which also makes for a more pleasant listen. The verses are in a nice mid-range which lets Jonghyun's vocals just sail along, and the chorus has enough dynamics to balance intense, "show off" lines with more melodic ones.

And beyond bringing out the best in Jonghyun's voice, "MONO-Drama" is a strong R&B/Pop track that reminds me a lot of SHINee's earlier days, yet also shows Jonghyun's individuality as a vocalist.


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