[#35] KARA - "Cupid"

From: "In Love"
Other notable song(s) from 2015: "Starlight", "Dreamlover", "I Luv Me"

I've got to hand it to KARA, through all the highs and lows they've managed to last this long. (There's probably something about the girl groups who debuted that year—KARA, SNSD) And more so, despite not being the most talented group and being pretty mediocre on stage, they consistently put out strong material.

But beyond consistency I think one of the reasons why KARA has lasted so long, despite the lineup changes, is because they also move with the times. Their repertoire is not the most cohesive one out there—you have your "Pretty Girl"'s on one side, and your "Lupin" and "Damaged Lady"'s on the other. But they're always good songs. They're always well-produced, they're always tracks that are stylistically and sonically current—just like "Cupid."

KARA gravitates towards the girly techno sound these days, and I'll go ahead and say that they're one of the best girl groups pursuing this sound. They have the smooth, on the generic side, vocals that are flexible and flat enough to let the rest of the song do the work. And their songs always do the work—elaborate instrumentations with bass and synth lines that pack the right amount of punch, tight arrangements with natural yet surprising transitions to keep listeners on their feet. And the best part? You hear all of that on "Cupid."


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