[#26] Infinite - "Bad"

From: "Reality"
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As much as I think that nothing will match Infinite's material from their debut until "The Chaser," it's really good to see that they've gotten out of the musical plateau they found themselves in a few years back.

It's not completely my cup of tea anymore—this darker sound with rock influences—but like the seasoned group that they are, they know exactly how to pull it off. The instrumental is so Infinite—haunting yet graceful strings at the beginning balanced with a sharp, contemporary bass line, a striking piano line laced with retro synths and a very strong sense of dynamics in transitions and each section of the song.

Honestly, these past few years I wasn't as interested in Infinite as I was before. But "Bad" was the song that convinced me that the boys still have it in them, and that they'll last in this industry.


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